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Custom Redtail - Zapier Integration (v4)

Completely expand the capabilities of the standard Redtail - Zapier integration.

What it can do:

  • Triggers
    • On, before or after contact birthday
    • 'x' days before upcoming review date (up to 31 days)

  • Search
    • Find Account
    • Find Account Asset
    • Find Activity (including events and tasks)
    • Find Contact
    • Find Contact Note
    • Find Tag Group
    • Find Workflow
    • Find Workflow Step Outcome

  • Actions
    • Add Contact to Tag Group
    • Complete Workflow Step
    • Complete Workflow Task
    • Create Account
    • Create Activity (including events and tasks)
    • Create Contact
    • Create Contact Note
    • Create Family
    • Create Workflow Run
    • Delete Workflow Run
    • Update Activity (including events and tasks)
    • Update Contact (including custom fields)
    • Update Family

For example, if you want to update an existing contact record from lead status to contact status when you receive an onboarding questionnaire or associate a contact record to a calendar event, now you can.

This is a one-time fee to access the custom integration and any future updates.