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New to Process Steet: My Work!

blog new feature process street task management web-based apps Jun 19, 2024

By Anthony Schorling


Process Street has been one of our favorite workflow management systems for several years now due to its user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, and robust workflow features. However, one of the areas in which it lacked was a place for users to aggregate tasks and see what they personally have on their to-do lists within the app. Today, we're happy to report that they're in the process (pun not intended) of rolling out a solution that they call "My Work"!

My Work is a tab located at the top of your Process Street home screen that combines all of your tasks, approvals, and workflow runs in one, easy-to-view place. This area allows you to organize and prioritize your work with due dates, filters, grouping, and more. All members of your organization have access to the My Work tab where they can view their assigned work as well as others', but guests are limited to only viewing work assigned to them in particular.

Down below, we'll dig a bit further into each piece of the My Work puzzle so you can figure out how to best use it to your and your organization's advantage!

My Work Basics

In order to use My Work, you must have a task, approval, or workflow run assigned to you. It also may be a good idea to assign due dates to these items when possible, this way you can more easily determine which pieces of work are of priority.

Within My Work, you'll see a variety of things, beginning up top with the search bar, filtering and sorting options, the Snoozed sub-tab (which we'll get more into later), and the add task button. On the bottom, you'll see a list of your open work alongside some key data, such as due dates and assignees.

The little purple "play button" icons you see on the left side of the photo are indicators that the four open items are workflow runs. Approvals will be marked as a "thumbs up", standalone tasks as green, circular checkmarks, and workflow tasks as purple, square checkmarks. These icons provide an easy way to tell what exactly each item on your list is, without the need for any extra clicks.

To work on an an item in My Work, click on the task or workflow name. A sidebar will open up on the right side of your screen, allowing you to fill out form fields, add comments, complete tasks, and upload files/attachments.

Snoozing Items

Waiting for feedback on an item, or just need it off your plate for a few days while you work on other priority items? Enter: the snooze button!

Just like your first alarm in the morning, you can hit the snooze button on a task for a specified amount of time, and have it reappear once that time has been reached. To do this, hit the triple-Z icon to the left of a task's due date (initially hidden, but will appear once you hover over it):

To view all of your  snoozed tasks, hit the Snoozed button on the top of the My Work page, and click it again to return to the list of your non-snoozed items.

Searching, Sorting, Grouping, and Filtering

With the ability to search, sort, filter, and group items in your My Work section, you can always find what you need while also creating a workspace that makes sense for your own personal preferences.

The search function is relatively self-explanatory - use the bar in the top left to find the items you need. Just be aware that searching under an assignee will only show items related to that assignee.

To sort a column, click on the arrows next to each header. Most columns can be sorted, with the exception of Assignees and Comments.

Use the Group By dropdown to organize your work by either due date or workflow run, as shown below:

You can also filter your list by assignee, workflow type, or item type, as alluded to within the screenshot used in the My Work Basics section above. These filters will remain applied until you remove them - even after you've logged out for the day.

Miscellaneous My Work Features

A couple other My Work features that you may want to take advantage of include reassigning team members to tasks, editing due dates, and utilizing bulk actions.

To reassign team members, you can simply click on the existing assignees for a workflow run, and reassign using the box that pops up:

You can similarly do this with due dates as well. To change an existing due date - whether it's blank or not - click in the Due Date column for any given task. A calendar will pop up that allows you to choose a new date, and if desired, a new time.


Finally, you can perform actions on a bulk set of items by hovering to the left of the item type icon and clicking the box that pops up. From here, you can either complete or snooze a multitude of tasks at once.


Now that all Process Street users can begin using My Work to their advantage, your team will have a much easier time sifting through and prioritizing open items. No longer is there a need for users to make click after click within the app, just to figure out what's on their plate. My Work also makes Process Street more viable as a task manager, in case you're looking to consolidate your tech!

If you're excited about this new feature like we are, be sure to share it with your colleagues! And if you're looking to automate using Process Street, but don't know where to start, book an intro call with us! We're happy to help point you in the right direction and bring your vision to life.

Check back in with us next month for another edition of the Sphynx Automation blog series!

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