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Zapier Enterprise: A Brief Overview

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By Anthony Schorling


If you've followed the Sphynx Automation blog series over the past several months, you've seen us rave about the benefits of Zapier on a regular basis. It's a perfect solution for helping fill in the gaps between thousands of different apps, but there has been one blind area that we personally haven't had an issue with as a team of just three:

What if you're part of a large organization where multiple different teams work on zaps, and you need more granular control over who has access to what?

Zapier has now alleviated this concern with a new plan option, called "Zapier Enterprise". The Enterprise plan streamlines operations and allows admins to restrict access of teams or members to a variety of functions to ensure that nothing becomes broken. No longer will you have to worry about zaps not working as expected thanks to an edit made by someone who maybe shouldn't have been able to! With enhanced efficiency, security, and analytics, Zapier Enterprise possesses the tools to bring your business's automation capabilities to the next level.

Below, you'll find a high-level overview of what benefits Zapier Enterprise offers to subscribers.

Restrictions Set by Admins

As previously mentioned, Zapier Enterprise account admins can restrict a team or team member's access to both specific apps, and their individual actions. This can be useful for scenarios where certain apps may not be used by specific users or teams. In addition, restricting actions allows for granularity between users and teams that may need to make updates using only some actions provided by an app's integration, but perhaps not actions that could affect multiple teams. Users may also choose to use these features to limit new team members from updating things that they haven't yet been trained on. In any event, this robust control helps eliminate anxiety surrounding broken automations or general permission oversights.

Publishing Restrictions

Publishing restrictions is a beta feature that was introduced alongside Zapier Enterprise. With this setting enabled, all changes must be approved by an admin or account owner before anything is published, deleted, or turned on/off. This allows various team members to make changes, but thanks to the need for approval, ensures that decision-makers are able to review and deny any changes that could cause potential issues.

When a request is made, all admins and the owner will receive an email notification that informs them a change has been requested. To review the request, they can access the Pending Approvals page by clicking on the Review Request button in the email, or they can click View Zap in Editor so that they can make additional edits if necessary. When a decision-maker clicks on the button to either approve or deny a requested change, they'll also have the option to add a message explaining why the request was approved, denied, or detail any other useful information.

Image credits to Zapier.

Lastly as an aside, there are currently several limitations of this feature, including only being able to submit one request per member at a time, only having one of each request type (publishing a draft, turning a zap on/off, and deleting a zap) per zap at a time, only being able to request the deletion of one zap at a time, and others. You can read more about the totality of Publishing Restrictions limitations here on Zapier's website.


Zapier Enterprise users also have access to a brand new Alerts page, which is also currently in beta. On this page, you can view error alerts anywhere from 7-30 days old, as well as set priorities for which errors need to be handled first.

Image credit to Zapier

On the alerts page, you'll also see a button called Create Alert Rule. This allows users to automatically label specific zaps as a certain priority level related to their issue, and ensures that the most crucial errors are tackled before all else. By default, priorities for zaps with app connections or high error rates will always be marked as "critical". Other types of alerts will all be marked as "medium", unless otherwise specified.


Another benefit of Zapier Enterprise is the analytics dashboard, which gives users data such as which zaps are erroring the most, which users are spending the most time within Zapier, and the amount of hours you've saved with your zaps.

The analytics dashboards provides users with data that enables them to make key decisions. Whether that be seeing which zaps are inefficient and need to be either deleted or revised, monitoring task usage at a more detailed level, or making future decisions off of downloadable reports, your Zapier analytics are certain to be a resource of great benefit for your company!

Additional Benefits of Zapier Enterprise

Similar to some of Zapier's other paid plans, Zapier Enterprise also offers other great benefits, such as trusted security features like single-sign-on, automatic domain capture, and the ability to compare and revert to previous zap versions. In addition, there is one final exclusive to Zapier Enterprise - dedicated onboarding and support.

While Zapier's Support team are great at what they do and are highly helpful, bigger teams require more advanced and more efficient assistance. All members of a Zapier Enterprise team will receive assisted onboarding so that they can become familiar and comfortable with the new environment at a faster pace. Not only will your team have a shoulder to lean on during onboarding, but you'll also receive dedicated technical support, and a dedicated account manager. Both of these individuals will know your account situation inside and out, eliminating the need to explain your situation to a support member you've never spoken with before, and saving you a ton of time and energy.


Zapier Enterprise is the perfect, customized solution for large organizations with multiple teams, or a plentiful amount of employees in general. Enhanced security and control features like admin restrictions and approval are a must when overseeing a large group that you can't be on top as much as you'd like. Not to mention, the time saved with assisted onboarding and dedicated technical support may very well be one of the most comforting benefits of your entire tech stack.

If you're interested in Zapier Enterprise, be sure to contact their sales team! Every Zapier Enterprise plan will look a bit different depending on your specific situation, so Zapier getting to know you and your company will be a great foundational step for your engagement.

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