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Zapier's Overhaul to Plans & Tasks

blog fintech general automation new feature web-based apps zapier Jan 17, 2024

By Anthony Schorling


Our trusty online automation platform, Zapier, just dropped an update that is bound to make their users' lives much easier!

This quality-of-life update is less about the functionality of Zapier itself, and more about how the app processes task/zap usage and payment. Zapier has implemented the following three new changes:

  • Pay-per-task billing
  • Unlimited zaps on all plans
  • No task usage on filter, formatter, and path steps

These new updates allow users to go past their monthly task limit without either upgrading outright or having their zaps being shut off until the new billing period begins, have no limits on the amount of zaps they want to create, and utilize Zapier's built-in apps without being charged for tasks. Let's take a closer look at the details of each of these changes below.

Pay-Per-Task Billing

Headlining the trio of new changes from Zapier is pay-per-task billing. This new option gives users the ability to breach their monthly task limit and pay for additional tasks used within their monthly billing period without being forced to upgrade to a new plan tier. To take advantage of this new feature, users will have to ensure that they update from a legacy plan if they are on one, and then opt into pay-per-task billing in their billing settings.

These tasks will be charged at a rate of 1.25x the cost of a task on your plan. So for example, if you're on the professional plan ($49/mo.) with 2,000 monthly tasks, you'd be paying roughly two and a half cents per included task on your plan. With pay-per-task billing enabled, every monthly task past 2,000 would be paid at a rate of just over three cents until your billing cycle concludes.

For users who occasionally reach their monthly limit but still wouldn't benefit from upgrading their monthly task allowance, pay-per-task billing is a very advantageous option, as it gives them flexibility without needing to commit to something outside of their monthly budget. However, it is worth keeping track of exactly how much extra you're paying each month. If you're regularly blowing past your monthly allowance with ease, there's a good chance you could be paying more via pay-per-task billing than upgrading would be worth to you.

Unlimited Zaps on All Plans

Previously, Zapier's free and starter plans included 5 and 20 zaps, respectively. With the new update, these plans will include no zap limits whatsoever. If you're a current free or starter plan user, you will need to update your plan similarly to how those who want to enable pay-per-task billing will have to update theirs.

This change signals a shift solely towards task-related billing when it comes to payment plans. Zapier's free and starter plans still have some limitations, such as single-step zaps only on the free plan and limited premium app usage on the starter plan, but at least now users only need to pay attention to one number - their monthly task usage.

Task-Free Usage of Zapier's Filter, Formatter, and Paths Features

This is a huge update for users who use Zapier's built-in apps as part of complex or recurrently-run zaps. Whether you're using a filter to stop zaps from running when a certain type of call is booked, the formatter to change how a date or time appears, or paths to run different actions or determine different outcomes for specific clients, none of these steps will count towards your allotted monthly tasks. Just like the previous two new features, users must ensure they update from a legacy plan (if they're on one) in order for this change to take effect.

However, these built-in apps still require you to be on specific paid plans in order to use them. Filters and formatters can be used beginning on the starter plan and extending to those above, but paths is a feature limited specifically to those on a professional plan or higher.


With this trio of new features, Zapier continues to show that they listen to community requests and prioritize the needs of their users. For those on legacy plans, it's a no-brainer to make the update to a new plan version and take advantage of the features made available to them. We have the utmost confidence that Zapier will continue to make their platform the best it possibly can be for its users going forward.

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