Monitor & Maintain

Ongoing automation maintenance services

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If you are not a prior Sphynx client who has completed a White Glove Automation Project in the past 6 months, we'll start by getting acquainted or getting caught up.

Prior Client

<= 6 Months

Recently completed an automation project with us and ready for the next step? We're here to help! Since we already know about your tech we'll skip discovery and get right to work. If you've made major changes choose the prior option.


Prior Client

>6 Months or Major Changes

Worked with us before but it's been awhile or you've made significant changes? This is for you. We'll start off with a single, one-hour discovery session to get re-acquainted and find out what's changed.


New Client

Never Worked With Sphynx

Never worked with Sphynx before? You're in the right place. We'll start off with two, one-hour discovery sessions to learn about your existing systems, find out where you're having trouble and come up with an action plan.


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We commonly support under our maintenance packages

Please contact us if you have questions about a particular application not listed here

Applications we commonly support

Please contact us if you have questions about a particular application not listed here


Choose your services - Maintenance Only or Monitor & Maintain


Retainer Billing

Choose how many hours you want and put down a deposit. As you request maintenance we'll draw against your deposit. Unused funds roll over and can be credited toward meeting time or new projects.

$250 / hour

20% discount for 10+ hours prepaid


Subscription Billing

We will monitor your Zapier account weekly and proactively handle any updates needed. This is an ongoing subscription but can be cancelled at any time.

+$299 / month subscription

Optional; Currently available for Zapier only

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Client Love

Automation is our zone of genius

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Client Love


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