Automation Experts

for Fintech and Serivce-Based Businesses

Our small business automation team helps financial advisors, attorneys, bookkeepers and CPAs set up tech and automate workflows to save time and make more money.

Meet the team behind your custom automation project

Arielle Minicozzi


Founder & CEO


Anthony Schorling


Executive Assistant

Kenishia Mais


Automation Specialist

  • What does Sphynx Automation do?

    Our team provides technology consulting and custom automation solutions to help financial advisors, attorneys, bookkeepers and CPAs save time, make more money, and lead more balanced lives. For an overview of a financial planning automation solution, check out this webinar.

  • What small business automation products and services do you offer?

    We offer three types of products for serviced-based businesses such as financial advisors, attorneys, bookkeepers and CPAs:

    Customized small business automation services
    Hourly automation and technology coaching
    Do-It-Yourself automation courses
    Automation Templates

    Visit the links above for more details on each option.

  • I need automation solutions for my business. What's your process?

    Review our process overview here. If you have additional questions, schedule an Intro Call and we'll be happy to talk about the automation solution that's best for you.

    Most engagements take about 10-12 weeks from the time pre-work is completed, but vary, depending on the scope of the work and our workload. We look forward to working with you.

  • How much do your small business automation services cost?

    Pricing depends on the product or service you purchase:

    • Coaching is charged by the hour and is paid upfront at the time each session is booked.
    • DIY Courses and templates are purchased as individual products.
    • Small business automation services are a-la-carte; every system we build is completely customized to meet your company's needs.

    Schedule an Intro Call to receive a custom proposal.

    We accept payments using Stripe.

  • Does Sphynx Automation provide process reviews?

    We believe we add the most value in the automation technology arena, so while there may be some process review involved in your project, it's not our primary focus. However, we have great referral partners for Virtual COO and Virtual Assisting services and we are happy to refer you to them!

  • Does you have affiliations with any of the companies you recommend?

    We make tech recommendations based on your needs, which sometimes means using software we are affiliated with.

    Our affiliations and partnerships are below:

    • JotForm (we'll receive an extra percentage from each signup made using this link)
    • Dubsado (we'll receive a discount on our membership - and so will you - for each signup made using this link)
    • (we'll receive credit toward a future order and you'll receive a 25% discount on your first order made using this link)
    • Trello (we'll receive a free month of Trello Gold when you sign up using this link)