White Glove Automation

Customized automation solutions for financial advisors

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Outsourced Technology & Automation Solutions

Fintech automation services

We build custom automation solutions that help financial advisors eliminate administrative tasks such as entering data, scanning paperwork and sending out reminders for missing items.

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Less Busywork

= More meaningful work

If you hate all the paperwork and administrative tasks...

You became a financial advisor to help clients live their most financially fulfilled lives - let us help you live yours by replacing your manual, repetitive tasks with streamlined and automated processes.


But you don't have the time, desire or knowledge to set up your technology...

Being a business owner requires wearing many hats, but that doesn't mean you can't take some off. If technology setup is not a part of your ideal workweek Sphynx's done-for-you automation setup is your solution.

We have great news - technology is our zone of genius!

We love helping our clients take their dreams of an efficient, streamlined onboarding process and making it a reality. Seeing the look on a client's face at the end of the implementation process is the most rewarding experience. It's the same feeling you get when your clients buy their first home or are able to retire with absolute peace of mind.

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Small Business Automation

Done-for-you automation services for RIAs

Zaps & Automations

  • We're certified Zapier experts!
  • Create custom automations to reduce administrative work
  • Kick off tasks or workflows in your process management system
  • Add contacts to CRM software

Scheduling Setup

  • Set up your Calendly or Acuity account
  • Build in all custom parameters - meeting limits, booking buffers
  • Handle complex team availability
  • Create email and text reminder, confirmation and follow up messages

Forms & Contracts

  • Build responsive questionnaires that self-customize based on inputs
  • e-Sign contracts that are secure and compliant
  • Document upload ability

Email Campaigns

  • Set up automations to kick off email campaigns at the right stage of the client lifecyle
  • Nurture leads and increase conversion rates
  • Reduce your administrative workload while insuring you don't drop any balls
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Is Fintech Automation Right For Me?

In order to complete a White Glove Automation project we require you to meet a few criteria:

  • Must have documented processes that are at least 80% complete, i.e. don't plan to make any structural changes within the next 12 months.

  • Must have worked with at least 10 clients.

  • Must have the time available, i.e. no major upcoming commitments that will redirect your attention while working on the project.


If you're not quite there yet, we have other resources available for you. Check out our Courses & Templates.

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How we build the right automation solutions for clients

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Design, Implementation, Review

See How It Works
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How much does automation consulting cost?

Request a custom proposal or check out our pricing sheet below:

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How much does it cost?

Contact us for a custom proposal or check out our pricing sheet below:

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