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Create Legally-Binding Documents with Jotform Sign!

blog forms jotform new feature signatures Oct 12, 2022

By Anthony Schorling


Update as of 3/28/2023: Regardless of whether you're using Jotform Sign or the DocuSign widget, you can only have one signature per form with DocuSign or one signer (multiple fields allowed) with Jotform Sign. Jotform Sign does allow multiple signers on a PDF form, but there currently isn't an ability to customize the content of the document in a responsive way. Instead, users would have to map static fields on the PDF the same way you do with a DocuSign envelope.

If you're a Jotform user, you've probably either used, or at least been aware of, their existing signature capabilities for years.

*Cue the Billy Mays, "But wait, there's more!" infomercial line*

That's right, Jotform has expanded on their signature capabilities with several great improvements! They've dubbed the totality of the feature as "Jotform Sign". This newly-improved signature feature is more streamlined than ever, cutting out the usage of outside e-signature apps such as DocuSign and HelloSign, and you know you wouldn't be hearing about it from us if it wasn't automation-friendly as well!

So let's cut the chit-chat - we know you want to hear about these features, and rightfully so!

Legally-Binding Forms - All in One Place, on Any Device!

Until this point, if you had PDFs or physical forms that required signatures, the only way to convert them to digital, fillable forms with a signature was to split up the form piece and signature piece. Any information that needed to be submitted by the client could be done through Jotform using their fillable PDF feature, but signatures made using the signature field would not populate on the form. Instead, signatures would have to be added via an outside e-signature app, and connected to Jotform via a supported widget or third-party automation.

Now, legally-binding signatures can be added to PDFs right from Jotform itself, without the help of any outside applications. Not only can signatures be added to fillable PDFs in Jotform, but various fields can now be entered directly into the text of an agreement for each of your clients to fill in as they read. These fields can also be assigned to different people (i.e. account holder, client, co-client, etc.). Not to mention, e-sign forms can be created on any device too!

Being that these forms can be legally-binding if one so chooses, it's worth mentioning that Jotform uses 256-Bit SSL level encryption. This is an industry standard used by banks, so users can rest assured knowing that they and their clients' information is secure and protected.

Seamless Document Storage

Thanks to Jotform's various integrations with cloud/document storage applications, your entire e-signing process can now be automated from receiving client info, to getting necessary signatures, to ensuring that those form submissions are automatically stored in a safe, organized place. Jotform supports automation with some of the most popular cloud storage systems, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive, along with several others. Set up your cloud storage automation however you'd like; organize by client name, engagement type, or if it tickles your fancy, send them to one big parent folder. Regardless of how you choose to set it up, it's quick, easy, and you'll never lose a submission again.

Templates, Templates, and More Templates! (Did I Mention Templates?)

Yeah, Jotform has A LOT of templates for e-signature forms. As of right now, you can choose from over 600 different templates of e-signature forms so you don't need to start from scratch. Of these templates include confidentiality agreements, insurance waivers, therapy consent agreements, releases of information, and so many more. In fact, you can look through this new page on their website to find those new templates. They've taken the liberty of sorting them out as well for easy searching!

Use Jotform Sign Inbox to your Advantage

You may have used or are currently using Jotform's inbox feature for your other forms, but with Jotform Sign, Inbox has additional benefits. You can set up notification emails for signer actions, send reminder emails, and download the documents of your submissions.

You can also look at the data and analytics of your e-sign forms with Jotform Tables. In conjunction with Jotform Report Builder, you'll have all the data you could possibly need at your fingertips!


Jotform Sign is one of the biggest upgrades that Jotform has released in recent memory, and it is sure to pay dividends when it comes to saving users time. No longer will you have to rely on outside e-signature applications, or manually file your PDFs and submissions. Less time, less effort, but pristine results!

Thanks for taking the time to read up on Jotform Sign and its new features! If creating an e-signature form seems too daunting for you, or seems like it would take up too much of your time, don't fret - schedule an intro call with us! We're happy to help build out your automated, e-signature vision.

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