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5 New Jotform Widgets that You Can Add to Your Forms blog forms jotform new feature Aug 24, 2022

By Anthony Schorling


You've heard us rave time and time again about how much we here at Sphynx Automation love Jotform, so we always make sure we keep you in the loop when they make a meaningful update.

Recently, Jotform unveiled five brand new widgets that a variety of users...

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How to Update Jotform PDF Outputs forms jotform Aug 10, 2022

by Arielle Minicozzi Figueroa


This week's post is a PSA about updating your Jotform PDF outputs. Did you know that when you make a change to your Jotform - adding a field or updating the text - those changes are not automatically reflected on the PDF output?

Not to worry! It's...

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