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JotForm Connects with MailerLite for a New Integration!

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By Anthony Schorling


JotForm has come through in the clutch once again, delivering yet another great integration, this time for MailerLite users!

The new integration allows users to collect subscriber emails from their forms and automatically pass that data into MailerLite for future use. The feature also allows users to manage their subscribers in MailerLite through JotForm by adding new leads or clients to groups, as well as updating existing MailerLite contacts and adding data from previously submitted forms to MailerLite. Previously, this could only be done through a third-party API tool such as Zapier. The direct integration will make your life much easier, especially if you're not well-versed in setting up automations through API tools.

Per usual, JotForm has made the new feature extremely simple and user-friendly. Let's quickly go through what this new integration looks like in JotForm, and how to use it.

*Credit to JotForm for the images used below.

How to Use the New MailerLite Integration

First, edit the form that you'd like to use the integration on. Once you're editing the form, click on the "Settings" button on the top menu.

Now that you're in the settings menu, navigate down the left side menu to the "Integrations" tab. If you don't already see MailerLite as one of the top choices, use the integrations search to find it.

After clicking on the MailerLite integration, you will be asked for an API key to link your JotForm to your MailerLite account.

To do this, you can either visit, or simply click on the "Integrations" tab under your MailerLite account, and then on "Developer API", as shown in the photo below, courtesy of MailerLite.

Once your account is connected to your form, you'll need to map field(s) from your form to their respective field(s) in MailerLite. In many cases this might just be an email field, but you'll have the ability to map other fields as well, such as name, age, and anything else you decide to move over.

Below the form matching options, you can add subscribers to groups that you've created in MailerLite. You can also update existing contacts in MailerLite with information from your form, and add data from previous submissions of that form to MailerLite. That way, all your bases are covered - not just future submissions on a form that you've been using for months or even years.

When your satisfied with your settings, click the green button on the bottom to save your changes. To finalize the integration, click the green "Finish" button that appears. You'll see a checkmark on the MailerLite integration once it's complete to let you know that it's ready to go.

That's it! The setup shouldn't take you more than 5-10 minutes at most (depending on the amount of fields you want to map, of course). As simple as setting up and using the integration is, you'll save tons of time from eliminating manual data entry, or setting up a zap by yourself to do it automatically.

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In this post, we covered a brand new MailerLite integration from JotForm! For all our MailerLite users out there, hopefully this new feature saves you plenty of time, and it becomes a staple in the future forms you create!

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